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Hello and welcome to the website “Home sweet home” of Caroline and Jean-Pierre de Lipowski.


Having left Paris, sales for Madam, television for Mister, now being busy between painting, writing and trips, we are currently living in Dieulefit, in the Drôme provençale.

Dieulefit is a 3000 inhabitants village east of Montélimar (30 min) and halfway between Lyon and Marseille (2-hours drive). The village is located in a beautiful valley in the north of Provence; this area marks the beginning of the Alpes ans is located at the edge of the Rhône valley, famous for its wines : « Les Côtes du Rhône ».

Dieulefit, historically a potters village, always welcomes numerous craftsmen, painters, and artists of all kinds who come here for the quiet, nature, light and… culinary arts.

On The House page, you will find a short film about our “home” and a descriptive with a lot of pictures as well.

On the Our Region page, you will find different movies showing the region and a link to let you discover pictures of Dieulefit.

The Location page will show you a map with the village and its location.

The Strolls page will give you some ideas of walks and visits in the region,

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Caroline and Jean-Pierre