Some ideas of walks

From 0 à 30 km

Dieulefit and its Provençal market (0 km), every Friday morning.

The old Dieulefit : the “Viale” (0 km)

Many walks in the mountains, visit the Tourist Office of Dieulefit

Accrobranches in Comps (4 km)

Swimming in the Roubion (12 km)

Swimming in the Lez in Montbrison (22 km)

The castle of Grignan (26 km)

Making nougat in Montélimar (28 km)

From 30 to 50 km 

The Scoutinerie, Nyons (36 km)

Games and swimming at the water park Nyonsoleïado,

Nyons (36 km)

Swimming at the lac du Pas des Ondes

The Crest tower (43 km)

Games and swimming at Lake Sagittarius Capfun, Vinsobres (44 km)

Crocodile Farm, Pierrelatte (46 km)

+ de 50 km

Walk and swimming in the gorge of Toulourenc (56 km)

Swimming and games in the water park Wave island (75 km)

Mont Ventoux (78 km)

The Grotte Chauvet, Pont d’Arc Cavern (78 km)

Aven d’Ognac cavern (79 km)

Swimming and canoeing at Vallon Pont d’Arc (80 km)

Skiing in winter in Font d’Urle – Chaud Clapier (105 km)

Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace, Hauterives (110 km)

The Pont du Gard (111 km)

Without forgetting an impressive place nearby: the source of the Sorgue in Fontaine de Vaucluse (120 km).

Etc. etc.